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fayetteville_ar's Journal

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Fayetteville and NW Arkansas
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A Journal for the Northwest Arkansas Area

If you are looking for services in the area, please browse through the links below... you will be able to find most of what you need there...
If you want recommendations on where to go (auto repair, dining, etc) check out the memories section for previous posts and comments that may put you in the right direction...

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Forbes Magazine lists Fayetteville as the #9 best place to live in the US

Fayetteville was recently ranked in the top 10 Best Performing Cities in the US by The Milken Institute

Fayetteville was recently named one of the Top Community Sports cities in America

Some more Fayetteville links:
Official Website for the City of Fayetteville
Springdale COC
Official Website for the City of Rogers
Official Website for the City of Bentonville
Fayetteville Free Weekly
The Arkansas Traveler
University of Arkansas
Fayetteville Interactive
Fayetteville Public Library
Fayetteville Public Schools
Community Access Television
Walton Arts Center
All About Town
Fayetteville Tourism Info
Apartment Listings, Job Listings, etc
Art Amiss

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