Things to do this weekend


Check out David Kimbrough Jr. and Stacy Nicole Mackey at Maxine's Tap Room on Block Street. It's awesome.


See the Boar's Head Players perform "Your Last Friend, Inc." written by Justin Blasdel. Its also his MFA thesis and he wants your feedback.

Getting married

I need to find a place to hold our reception that is in town or near by. Looking for something not to expensive and allows alcoholic beverages. Any info will help.

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Comic books!

I've recently taken an interest in comic books. So, I was wondering, what are some good comic book shops in the area? Does one even exist?

I'm also interested in shops that sell manga.

Sorry if this has been asked before!

hey guys

I'm looking for a new hair stylist,  who is very good at punky/layered hair cuts. Someone who isn't going to ask ten million questions about my nose ring and purple hair. lol. Fayetteville/Bentonville/Rogers is fine. $50 or under at cut.  Names and numbers and if they have an online portfolio that would be great.

Dry Cleaner Recommendation?

Hi everyone!

I need a recommendation for a dry cleaner, preferably located in Fayetteville. I have a handmade quilt that my grandmother gave to me before she passed away, and it's very dear to me, so I'm a little nervous about putting it in someone else's hands. Does anyone know of a dry cleaner that they'd trust with this kind of thing? I've never really used one before.

Thanks for your help!
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I may be in need of a photographer soon, to take some photos of myself and my toddler twins. These would be portrait photos, but not the standard staged ones, I am looking for some "fashion" ones and "etheral/ magical" ones. I know I am not describing this very well, but in essence, I am looking for something a bit out of the ordinary. Photographer would have to be willing to come to Rogers to take the photos at my home/ in my neighbourhood, and sign a copyright waiver as the photos may be published in a UK magazine that I write a small column for. I was thinking maybe someone from the Arts part of UoA in Fayetteville, but am open to any suggestions!
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Fish shop (aquarium, not to eat)?

I know all the PetCos and other big chains sell some aquarium fish, but I was wondering if there are any shops in NW Arkansas that specialise in aquarium fish? I don't mind whether it is an independent petstore or part of a chain, I'd just like a place with a better selection than what you see in the average store....

Irish Dance Anyone?

The McCafferty School of Irish Dance is starting a new beginner class this coming week in Fayetteville, Fort Smith and Little Rock. The class is open to boys and girls, men and women of all age groups. The first lesson is free and weekly lessons with Ms. Judy run 10$ a week (which is really not bad).

Traditional Irish Dancing is enjoyed world-wide by dancers of all ages, children and adults.  As dancers advance in skill-level, Irish Dancing becomes a highly aerobic exercise.  Anyone can learn Irish Dancing and everyone enjoys it.  Since 1980, Ms. Judy has been certified as both a teacher and an adjudicator of Irish Dance by The Commission of Irish Dance in Dublin, Ireland.   Ms. Judy’s pupils regularly compete for the North American and World Championships of Irish Dancing.

For more information please visit the website: http://www.mccaffertyirishdancers.com/Welcome.html

Specific times for the beginner classes vary on location so if interested the best bet is to email or call Ms. Judy, she will get back to you!